Jennie's Nightie book cover

Jennie's Nightie
and the Christmas Concert
by Verley Robson

Join with Jennie, excited to get a part in the school Christmas play on the prairies in the 1930s. She's going to carry a candle and sing in front of everyone. But then the Terrible thing happens. Teacher wants her to wear her nightie in the performance...which means everyone will be able to see her sleeping vest and long johns underneath!

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Jennie goes to the play

GJPW coverGermy Johnson's Piano War
by Alison Lohans

J.J. is having a new adventure. His parents are making him take piano lessons. J.J. is not happy.

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watching the snake

Your snake?


Germy Johnson's Secret Plan coverGermy Johnson's Secret Plan
by Alison Lohans

J.J.'s great Aunt Pru has come for a long visit and is staying in his room! Aunt Pru smells like medicine. Her false teeth make J.J. shiver. How can he get rid of her?

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Germy's dream

Honey Trouble coverHoney Trouble
by Dianne Young

Can Josie remember what she is to buy at the store? Join Josie and the friends she meets on trip to the corner store to get honey.

Dianne Young uses humour and repetition to create this story for children ready to move beyond picture books and read for themselves.

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Honey bear